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I wonder why these guys allow to fuck their wife’s, do they want to find out what a women want and in particular case, what their woman want as everyone is a different person and loves different things in sex. So they ask for a friend or even better they make some money by allowing other guys to fuck their wife, very often money is the main purpose of letting other man fuck their loved wifey and allow her to suck his cock. They take them to home and letting to fuck her in their own bedroom on their bed. It’s very interesting and a little strange, but just think about it, maybe it’s really worth to allow other men fuck your wife and watch what she likes, watch how she gives horny blowjobs from the beginning to the final cumshot. Of course it hurts ego but come on, we men have to give our women the best we can and if you suspect that she is not satisfied with you in bed it is worth a try to such a drastic action. And porn industry is also aware of that! There are many DVD titles of men letting to fuck her girl and watching all the action and learning. I bet that when the stranger is done they jump to bed and horny husband fucks like a wild horse! There are many aspects to think about and of course that action is good only if you feel that not everything is ok in bed with wife and want to try new things to improve the fucking experience and relationship with your loved women, and want to miss situations like in reality videos of pick-up girls.

So watch the movies from adult industry and maybe that will be enough to learn how to improve sex with your loved wife. Also I would like to tell you few things about quality and the way these movies are filmed: of course they are not from real life stories, these are Hollywood type movies, but they are built by professionals who really knows their stuff and before jumping to making movies of this niche they studied and talked to many couples about how this should look and to what major and even small details to pay attention.

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